Branding, Packaging, & Art Direction

I'm A Pluto Girl For Life

Pluto is an up and coming fashion label that specializes in jewelry that empowers young woman to be as unique and special as they can possibly be. The launch of Pluto is in this upcoming fall season of 2017. Prior to the launch, the founders of Pluto came to me to see what vision I had for the Pluto girl. 

The Pluto girl is experimental and confident. She exudes creativity and is not afraid to take risk. That is what the founders of Pluto envision for the next generation of powerful and empowered women. The inspiration of the branding and packaging came from a simple grid pattern. Grids typically represent constraint, uniformity, and control. My idea in using a grid pattern as the primary background is to contradict and protest the rules. Look them in the face and go against them.