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Sunset Grove


Branding, Packaging, & Art Direction

For A Healthy Mid-Day Snack, Try Sunset Grove.

Filled with bursts of mango, blueberry, and peach instantly satisfy a sweet tooth. White pouches are decorated with botanical fruit illustrations, giving the overall design a minimalist look. Sunset Grove is a nutritious, heartfelt, and crunchy organic fruit bar snack for all ages to enjoy. Not only is it gluten and GMO-free, but it is packed full of natural fruits, fibers, and grains. Our organic fruit bar is perfect for all ages to enjoy because of the nutritious benefits and yummy taste. In a sea of healthy fruit bar snacks, our differentiation is the story behind each fruit bar.

The name sunset grove originated from farmers picking peaches, blueberries, and other fruits from farms. They would describe their favorite part of fruit picking to be watching the sunset go down as they carried their baskets up the grove. 

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