Multi-Disciplinary Designer

Branding & Editorial Design

Happy Sneakers is an up an coming sneaker brand for a client that wanted to differentiate themselves from all sneaker brands by developing branding that was unexpected. The complimentary colors of warm beige tones and emerald green create unexpected vibes for the brand that challenges the idea of gender specific brands. The strategy behind Happy Sneakers was to create a logo that resembles a branding stamp that can be marked anywhere and this is what makes it unique. 



iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Launch

Apple announced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition, the new generation of iPhone in a stunning red finish.

The Idea: Get the world to lust after a badass new member of the family. 

The formula for creating an iconic product reveal campaign: RED lights + tight crops + nice curves + sexy song

JD Jurentkuff
Ledi Lalaj
Laura Pol
Evan Schiller
Marcus Brown
Ben Clark
Donna Tiao

Created at TBWA\Media Arts Lab 2018


Branding, Packaging, & Editorial Design

Pluto is an up and coming fashion label that specializes in jewelry that empowers young woman to be as unique and special as they can possibly be. The launch of Pluto is in this upcoming fall season of 2017. Prior to the launch, the founders of Pluto came to me to see what vision I had for the Pluto girl. The Pluto girl is experimental and confident. She exudes creativity and is not afraid to take risk. That is what the founders of Pluto envision for the next generation of powerful and empowered women. The inspiration of the branding and packaging came from a simple grid pattern. Grids typically represent constraint, uniformity, and control. My idea in using a grid pattern as the primary background is to contradict and protest the rules. Look them in the face and go against them.




Concept, write, art direct, strategize, present, approve, design, film, create music, edit, animate, color, produce a campaign that reinvents the entire production model...with iPad Pro. A New Way To is the first ever campaign to be fully designed and produced on iPad Pro


David Zorn
Rohit Thawani
Erik Lund
Nick Todd
Shifra Samuel
Lamar Phillips
Donna Tiao
Jacob Harpen

Created at TBWA\Media Arts Lab 2019




Branding & Editorial Design

Touch is an independent art & fashion movement for female lovers. Based out of New York, who find special meanings in imagery. The fact that a moment in time can be stopped still for a second is inspiring. Touch embodies female power through the exploration of different tones of gradients that immediately add funk and color to any female spirit. Through the use of an medieval gothic typeface, this contrast adds quirk and spice to Touch allowing readers to understand that different characteristics that normally do not go together are actually what makes something unique and diverse. 



Branding & Editorial Design

My focus in this re-brand project for Bose is to bring a new revived style by using black and white photos as the core base which adds nostalgia for many millennials. Currently, Bose’s target audience is too broad and lacks the focus and attention that it’s competitors are carrying. By honing in on one specific demographic and understanding what makes that culture thrive, Bose can become one of the leading sound brands in the industry. 




Branding & Editorial Design

An editorial magazine uncovering the secrets of the modern day Chinese woman and how she has broken the tradition of the ideal submissive woman. Not only has the Chinese society and culture evolved   tremendously over the years, the women of the culture have jumped out from the traditional views and have paved the way for all woman to dream big. One of the first big milestones for Chinese women started in the fashion industry. Fashion is universal and is loved by all cultures, genders, and societies.